Welcome to Timber Knives

A Selection of Knives for the Discerning Collector

We curate a quality selection of knives for the collector interested in an amazing range of designer knives. The following is just a small sample of what we carry in our store

Knives You Take Into the Wild

Knives For Tactical And Combat

Knives You Carry In Style

Knives To Make Grandpa Proud

Kitchen Cutlery

Axes, Hatchets, Throwers by Gränsfors Bruk and others

We offer hand forged Axes, Wood Splitters, and Wood Working Tools. In addition we offer high quality Tomahawks, Knives, Axes for throwing enjoyment.

One of a Kind Hand Made Knives

We have knives that are hand made locally from metals and materials reclaimed from the area. We are also known to buy, sell, trade vintage collector knives.

We Sharpen

A shiny razor edge is our goal. Bring your knives, axes, scissors to the store, or if you live in the Heber area…. we can come pick them up and return them to you.

We Engrave

Come Visit Us

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