Laser EngravingLaser Engraving


Laser engraving is the perfect way to personalize a gift or add your brand to a corporate gift. Timber Knives can engrave crisp, permanent text or a logo of your choice.

We can laser engrave the steel part of any blade including knives, cleavers, machetes, axes, tomahawks, or multi-tools.

Engraving services are offered Tuesday-Saturday.

Here’s the information you’ll need when requesting a laser engraving:

• The text that you would like engraved

• The preferred font for the text

• A high resolution .PNG, .PDF, .JPG, or vector file (E.g., .SVG, .EPS, or .AI) of the logo you would like engraved


Text only Engraving: $15/Item

Logo Only Engraving: $15/Item

Logo and Text Engraving: $25/Item

To arrange engraving, drop by the store in Heber City, or call us at 435.315.4040.

Choose Timber Knives for Laser Engraving of your Knives and Axes

Why have Timber Knives laser engrave your knife or axe when you’ve purchased it as a gift? Giving the gift of an engraved knife or axe is a great way to personalize and preserve a memory for a special occasion. Many people have already experienced the personalized knife or axe will later become a cherished heirloom within their family in the future.

A knife is a classic and practical present. To suit the recipient's precise preferences and requirements, they can be meticulously chosen and engraved for just about anyone. For any event, from birthdays to weddings and anniversaries, there are knives for outdoor enthusiasts, food lovers, and survivalists.

Giving an engraved knife or axe is a long standing tradition world wide. For example, in Finland, the gift of an engraved knife—particularly the puukko knife—is regarded as a high honor in the Finnish culture. The receiver is supposed to receive a tool that can be used as a weapon, a tool for woodworking, and a tool for cooking. To convey confidence, goodwill, and respect, the knife is always presented with the handle up.

And, speaking of Scandinavia, even the Vikings had their own tradition of giving an engraved knife or axe-and it came with a superstition. Vikings thought that giving someone an engraved knife or axe without including a copper coin meant that the recipient couldn't afford a sharp enough blade to protect themselves and hence had to be given the knife for free. Vikings might "sell" a dagger to a buddy for just one copper coin in order to avoid the intended insult.

For this reason, a custom of giving knives with a coin attached to the blade or included with the gift has existed long before reason and science began to displace superstition—and it only takes a penny! The knife recipient then returns the penny to the gift-giver, "paying" them for the knife and maintaining the connection. So, go ahead and include one if you are aware of the recipient's superstitious nature, or if you simply want a chance to tell the "coin with a knife" anecdote.

At Timber Knives, you can select the perfect knife or axe and have it laser engraved for employees to commemorate an anniversary, retirement, birthday, or graduation—including a military graduation—a high-quality blade is a lovely present. Every occasion calls for one of the many personalized knives from our large assortment.

With a gift that will last a lifetime, you may make that ceremony or celebration truly memorable.

From the best knife and axe manufacturers in the world like Benchmade, Spyderco, Boker, Fallkniven—you'll find all the choices you need for collector knives and axes and more. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that your custom gift will be skillfully laser engraved by hand, leaving a clear, sharp image permanently inscribed on the blade or handle.

Timber Knives is one of the only businesses located along the Wasatch Front that can provide laser engraving of your gift of a knife, axe, cleaver, machete, tomahawk, or multi tool—and they’ll be more than happy to engrave these types of gifts, even if you didn’t originally purchase them at Timber Knives!

Timber Knives has been laser engraving for customers in many communities around the Wasatch Front such as Heber City, Park City, Midway, Kamas, Wanship, Coalville, Oakley and is a short, scenic drive from anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley via I-80—and they’re just minutes away from Provo, Orem and Lehi via Highway 189. Even Ogden, Logan and Price are just a short trip away. Just be sure to bring in your items to Timber Knives Tuesday through Saturday during normal business hours. Timber Knives will make sure that your gift is one that is unique and will be cherished for a lifetime!